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No you don’t, you’ve found the one you need!

On any merit scale you could possibly devise, Neville Massina and his building team WILL come out on top.

Two and a half years ago this team built our national award winning designed house in just 5 months...and during the winter.

Neville is a superb organizer. He has a small team of skillful, hardworking, dependable and personable builders. Truly genuine country people I’d be proud to call my friends.

This team is supported by a loyal group of quality ‘tradies’ who will come immediately to Neville's calls attending to the plumbing, electrical, roofing, tiling, painting or whatever requirements of the build. Materials are always delivered to site before they are needed. There are simply no delays!


No you don’t, but go right ahead if you disagree.

Neville is as honest as the day is long. Your build will cost you what it’s worth and no more. If it’s more than you have to spend, he will work with you to tailor your design/build to your budget.

People may tell you ‘Building is stressful’....

Not if you choose Massina Building.

Ian & Pam Cornthwaite (Trentham)


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